Samson Pallet Stability’s Dan Hirst has recently qualified as a Community First Responder for the Yorkshire Ambulance Service. As a Group, Samuel Grant supports charity and volunteering endeavours of all the team, and we were interested to hear more from Dan as to why he’s taken on such a big role outside of work. 

 “Last summer, my mother was in intensive care and her chances of survival were bleak for a short while. Luckily, she rallied and is now on the mend, but the experience was a stark reminder of the fragility of life. I couldn’t thank the hospital staff enough for their efforts, even during the doctors strikes. It was going through that which made me look into volunteering as a Community First Responder (CFR), as a thank you to the NHS for helping my mother recover and to give something back to the community. 

 “After being accepted at the initial interview back in February, I then carried out the various checks, e-learning courses, and the physical training. My manager, Julia Davis, has been very supportive and encouraging whilst I’ve been going through the recruitment and training process. 

 “As part of the Yorkshire Ambulance Service, I now volunteer for at least 20 hours a month, amongst a team in the local area to where I live. A CFR can be the first person to attend a 999 call for a multitude of health issues including heart attacks, strokes, and seizures. We are trained in basic life support and are there to assist a patient until a paramedic arrives. 

 “I’ve never done any volunteering of this nature before, and whilst it’s very new at the moment, it will feel very rewarding when I’ve been able to help someone in possibly one of their worst moments. Giving up a few hours of my free time not only helps others in my local community, but it helps the NHS free up their resources.”  

 “ Dan is a major part of the success of the Samson Pallet Stability team. I am incredibly proud of him becoming a CFR volunteer and I know he will be equally brilliant.” – Julia Davis (Managing Director). 

We caught up with Calum to hear about his career so far: 

I went for my interview to join the Grants on my 18th Birthday! A lot of my friends went to uni and I didn’t want to. I started with Samuel Grant Group in 2013 as an Apprentice Logistics Planner working in the warehouse in Leeds. I passed my NVQ in warehouse and logistics, and became an Assistant Buyer. I completed my CIPS Level 3 which allowed me to become a buyer and then moved into Samson Nano in 2020 just before covid.  

The move to the new role involved a huge amount of on the job training with Julia Davis (Samson Pallet Stability MD) finding best ways to secure pallets  with our machines and film. I was involved from the start of launching Samson Nano Slingshot, our horizontal pallet stability testing table, and getting it up and running into the lab it is today.  

I’ve been fortunate to attend lots of exhibitions including PPMA and Intralogistex meeting potential customers . I spend a lot of my time visiting customers to offer continual customer service support. This support focus is either on wrapping and functionality of our machines, or looking after machine and price-per-pallet pricing.  

There’s been a huge shift since I started working in the sector towards increased sustainability within the sector. The introduction of the plastic tax in 2022 meant we had to learn a lot more about the performance of recycled materials in the pallet stability process. Our machinery has continued to develop, with new technologies and software developments in line with client requirements. We never stand still! The focus has also increased on health and safety in pallet stability. The Samson Nano Slingshot is a big part of what I do since I was with it since ‘birth’.  

I’m always surprised at the level of detail required in the supply chain and how much there is to talk about. The passion that some people have for pallet wrapping is hugely surprising but once you’re involved in this world you can see why. We pride ourselves on honesty and I’m always shocked to find that we’re competing against machine sellers who give spurious claims. It’s hard to believe how much misinformation there is in the market. I also remain surprised how many manufacturers just sell a machine and then walk away without caring what happens to it. 

My biggest achievement must be passing the EUMOS exam in 2023, to become one of the UK’s only qualified experts in cargo securing and transport packaging.  

I also jointly developed Samson Nano Live, our new customer integrated internet-linked reporting portal for Samson Nano machines, with Jae (R&D Manager). This launched in Sept 2023 at PPMA exhibition. I was heavily involved in designing the dedicated customer wrapping portal, which delivers valuable operational data in real time. 

I have been recognised as a rising star in my company through my hardwork and passion for my role. I know I am an integral part of the success of the business, and not just a number. Regular two way feedback and communication is important, to make sure young talent knows the direction of the business and can be instrumental in help achieve this. I know my opinion matters and if I spot an improvement, it’s implemented. 

Everything we do is adding on to what  a logistics chain needs. We’re not only working within our own industry but also seeing different companies and learning about what they’re doing. Lots of different sectors and lots of different problems to solve, from abattoirs to engine casting. No two days are the same, I never get bored. I’ve seen so much of the UK since starting this job – we’re in different places every day, out meeting people, finding out about them and their  businesses. 

Samuel Grant Packaging partnered with their print service provider Oyster to attend their planting day in Holmfirth on Friday 8th March 2024. Enough trees were planted to reforest the annual paper consumption used by Samuel Grant Packaging under Oyster’s ‘You print we plant’ initiative. 

The Leeds’ branch team from Samuel Grant Packaging had the opportunity to plant the trees themselves and learn about the impact that the trees will have on the local environment: ensuring the survival of species threatened by habitat loss, maintaining ecosystems and safeguarding our ecological heritage. 

Oyster’s sustainable approach to tree planting is holistic, offsetting all of Samuel Grant’s paper consumption by reforestation. 

 ‘It gives Oyster great pride to be able to offer this experience to our clients, all of whom can now see the vital importance of our sustainable printing project,’ said Oyster’s Director Phil Birkhead. ‘Over 7,500 hedgerow plants, shrubs and trees were planted, making a positive impact on the local environment and increasing the biodiversity for generations to come.’ 

‘Samuel Grant’s employees were delighted to see this Oyster’s pledge in action’ said Suzanne Durnian, General Manager, Samuel Grant Leeds. ‘It was incredible and a real privilege to represent the values of our company, in terms of the environment and CSR. It was also a great opportunity to meet like-minded people from other companies, working together and seeing the impact of our efforts on the environment.’ 

We are delighted to introduce our new range of book wrap mailers. 

The book wrap mailers are designed to provide protection from all sides, reducing the risk of damage during delivery. For delicate things like books, it’s crucial. In order to prevent the items from moving during transit and to minimise the risk of damage caused by movement inside the package, a tight fit is beneficial.  

The mailers boast the following features and benefits: 

Convenient unboxing experience: The design focuses on ensuring a positive and hassle-free experience for customers when opening the package. Features such as self-adhesive closure and ripper tape contribute to easy and convenient unboxing. 

Self-adhesive closure: The self-adhesive closure eliminates the need for additional packaging tape, streamlining the packing process and reducing the overall cost. 

Ripper tape for easy opening: The inclusion of ripper tape simplifies the unboxing process for customers, making it easy to open the package without the need for scissors or other tools. 

No need for packaging tape or void fill: This not only saves on packaging costs but also contributes to an eco-friendly solution by minimizing the use of additional materials. 

Cost-effective eco-friendly packaging: Emphasizing both cost-effectiveness and eco-friendliness, your book wrap mailers align with sustainability goals while offering an economical solution for businesses. 

Available in 3 sizes in bundle quantities of 25 per pack. 


In today’s fast-paced industrial landscape, ensuring the health and safety of employees is paramount. One often overlooked aspect of workplace safety is pallet stability testing. Pallets are ubiquitous in warehouses and distribution centers, serving as the foundation for storing and transporting goods. However, unstable pallets can pose significant risks to workers, leading to accidents, injuries, and damaged products. In this blog post, we will explore the significance of pallet stability testing in promoting a safer work environment. 

The Importance of Pallet Stability 

Pallet stability refers to the ability of a pallet to maintain its structural integrity and balance when loaded with goods. An unstable pallet can topple over, leading to accidents such as slips, trips, and falls. Moreover, it can result in damaged products, leading to financial losses for businesses. By conducting thorough pallet stability testing, companies can identify potential issues and take corrective measures to prevent accidents and ensure the well-being of their employees. 

Horizontal load stability testing simulates the stress a pallet undergoes during transportation and handling. This test assesses how the pallet behaves when subjected to movements like acceleration and braking. Pallets that fail dynamic testing can lead to accidents during transit or while being moved within a warehouse. The Samson Nano Slingshot tests pallets from 0.1 to 0.8G, simulating the inertia of a braking vehicle. 

Promoting Health and Safety Through Pallet Stability Testing 

Preventing Accidents: By ensuring pallet stability, companies can prevent accidents caused by pallets collapsing or toppling over. This proactive approach reduces the risk of workplace injuries, promoting a safer environment for employees. 

Minimising Product Damage: Stable pallets prevent products from falling or shifting during handling and transportation. This minimizes product damage, reducing financial losses for businesses and ensuring customer satisfaction. 

Compliance with Regulations Adhering to pallet stability testing standards ensures compliance with industry regulations and standards, demonstrating a commitment to workplace safety. It also protects companies from legal liabilities in the event of accidents. By testing pallets using Samson Nano Slingshot, companies can test their pallets to EUMOS 40509 Standard. 

Pallet stability testing is a critical component of workplace safety, directly impacting the well-being of employees and the financial stability of businesses. By investing in comprehensive pallet stability testing protocols, companies can proactively identify and address potential issues, mitigating the risk of accidents and product damage. Prioritising pallet stability not only fosters a safer work environment but also enhances operational efficiency and customer satisfaction, making it a fundamental aspect of any responsible and safety-conscious business strategy. 

For more information contact the team at Samson Pallet Stability by emailing or by calling one of our specialists on 0114 257 4470  

Andrew Grant, MD of Samuel Grant Packaging, is delighted to have been elected a Supervisory Board Member of PackSynergy, Europe’s high-performance packaging network. 

Samuel Grant is proud to be the UK arm of PackSynergy, which connects 21 mid-market, family-owned businesses who meet regularly to discuss trends and innovations in the world of industrial packaging, to share their knowledge and expertise in a collaborative way. The members work together to find optimum packaging solutions whilst coordinated purchasing enables the sourcing of  sustainable products at the best price. They are also able to pool their experiences in warehouse and logistics management and joint branding and communication initiatives. 

PackSynergy’s success is founded on common values which promote cooperation and interaction between members while respecting their independence. Members combine a European mindset with firm roots in their local market. They are business leaders who meet each other at eye level – and together shape the future of an entire industry. 

“I am very pleased to be elected to the Board of Packsynergy,” says Andrew Grant. “My enthusiasm for Packsynergy is no secret and we use the brand widely on our products because it represents best practice in packaging. Packsynergy has a strong history and is now the leading packaging network in Europe. I hope to contribute to continued growth with more like-minded companies as equal partners, to further enhance the benefits to all members.” 

Thomas Baur, CEO of PackSynergy said: ‘We are delighted to have Andrew Grant on board – he is a great entrepreneur, a visionary and a staunch advocate of the mission and values of PackSynergy.‘  

Andrew’s appointment reinforces Samuel Grant’s international focus and importance in the packaging industry.  We look forward to a continued successful collaboration!  

To continually improve Samson Nano and enhance its data capture, Jae Cooper (previously Engineering Supervisor) has been developing new software, applying skills learned through his HND and recent Siemens PLC courses. This has been instrumental in the launch of Samson Nano Live 

Having a dedicated full-time engineer has allowed us to identify where changes were needed, implement advancements, and deliver even more for the customer. To build on this success, Jae’s role will now solely focus on R&D, continuous improvement processes and technology breakthroughs for Samson Nano. 

During Jae’s secondment to R&D, Callum Hill (previously Engineering Team Leader) has stepped up and provided cover for Jae’s supervisor role. He has shown incredible leadership skills and risen to every challenge. Moving forward, Jae Cooper is now R&D Engineering Manager and Callum Hill Engineering Supervisor.  

Both will report to Duncan Cummins who heads up our Engineering Team, and both will be working with our team of engineers and Samson Nano Admin, implementing the changes and improvements in the field, and in the office.   

Congratulations to Jae and Callum, we look forward to building on their previous success and achievements and adding value to our brand. For more information visit Samson Pallet Stability here 

Samson Pallet Stability were delighted to launch their newest innovation at PPMA 2023: Samson Nano Live. 

Samson Nano is the revolutionary pallet wrapping system from Samson Pallet Stability, famed for its cutting edge technology and its fixed-price-per-wrapped pallet costing, which includes the Capex-free machine, all film, servicing and maintenance as part of a fixed price per wrapped pallet. 

The Samson Nano has always had internet-linked reporting software, which allows the customer to see how many pallets are being wrapped, and the team at Samson Pallet Stability to monitor for any failed wraps or inconsistencies. This software has had a major overhaul, resulting in the development of Samson Nano Live. 

Using the unique dashboard, the team and their clients are able to access real-time data of all the machines that they have in the field. The new technology allows them to monitor how many wraps the machine has done to date, the position of the turntable and the loadcell value as it changes, live. Samson Nano Live also monitors which sensors on the machine have been triggered, which allows the team to identify any faults, and receive an alert at head office should there be any issues. Since customers are not charged for failed wraps, it’s in the interest of both Samson Pallet Stability and the customer to be alerted as soon as possible if there are any problems. 

The technology also provides data on all the pallets that have been wrapped, including the time they were wrapped, the setting they were wrapped on, and how much film was used. They are also able to see specific wrap data per setting, per day. There is also a live graph to show how many total wraps have been completed in any one day, allowing perpetual monitoring of output, together with easy viewing of peaks and troughs of activity. 

“We are confident that Samson Nano Live represents exceptional added value to our customers,” says Julia Davis, Managing Director of Samson Pallet Stability. “We are committed to helping our customers to use as little wrap as possible to safely and securely wrap their pallets, and ultimately get them to their destination in perfect condition. This new system allows us to show in real time the effectiveness of the machines, and allows customers to draw down data quickly and easily for their own reporting.” 

Samson Nano Live follows on the heels of the launch of the Samson Nano Slingshot, the horizontal stability-testing facility launched by Samson Pallet Stability in 2021, which certifies pallets to EUMOS standards by replicating the inertia of a braking vehicle to 0.8G.

Click here to find out more

Our staff are key to the success of Samuel Grant and we are proud to support them and their families in charitable interests and community ventures. From sponsoring cricket, football and rugby to dance championships and the National Pot Leek Society, the range of endeavours is vast; we also make charitable donations to causes close to our employees’ hearts.  

We are pleased to sponsor the National Pot Leek Society as Brian Boucher, Packaging Specialist at Samuel Grant North East, is a longtime supporter and leek enthusiast. The Society held its annual show in the Seaham Youth and Community Centre in September, attracting visitors and top exhibitors from all around the UK. As well as all classes of leeks, the venue also hosted the Northeast Giant Vegetable contest. “It means a lot that Samuel Grant are thinking about their staff and taking an interest in what they’re doing out in the community,” says Brian.  

We are also proud to sponsor Normanton Knights’ Under 14 Girls’ rugby league team including their kits, after-match polo shirts and hoodies. Our Group Operations Manager, Lauren Davis’s daughter, Lillie, plays for the team, established for just two years and competing in the Under 14s East League this season. 

Packaging Specialist, Jeremy Cox’s daughter, Isobel, is a member of the award-winning ElLiTe Studios’ Dance Team, based in Wakefield. They qualified for the 2023 Dance World Championships in Braga, Portugal, ultimately winning gold! We are delighted to sponsor the squad and wish them the best of luck in next year’s competitions.  

We are also official kit sponsors for the Harrogate Rugby Club Foundation. Coached by MD Matthew Grant, the U15s, with the next generation of Grants, Luke and Robbie on the team, achieved victory in the Yorkshire Cup. Samuel Grant is also sponsoring the School’s Outreach Programme, opening up opportunities for more children to access and play rugby union. 

More team sponsorship, this time for cricket. Ouseburn Cricket Club have had an outstanding season, with the Under 13s winning the Nidderdale Cup. Sixteen teams competed in the competition, with Ouseburn and Pannal meeting in the final. Ouseburn were the victors by just nine runs, in a thrilling match. In another exciting match, the Men’s First XII won the final of the Atkinson-Swires Cup, beating Helperby by 4 wickets. 


Many of our staff get involved in fundraising for charities and Samuel Grant offers match funding, meaning funds raised by an employee are matched by the company. Group MD Andrew Grant embarked on his own fundraising venture in 2022, cycling the length of the country from Land’s End to John ‘O Groats over nine days. “It was a lot harder than I thought it would be when I set out, but I raised £15,000 for the Alzheimer’s Society, a charity close to my heart, as that was a disease my father had in his last days.” 


Richard Knight, Area Sales Manager, walked 26 miles around the hills of Holmfirth and Huddersfield. raising over £12,000 which Samuel Grant matched, for Eden, a child in his son’s school, who needs life-saving medical treatment in America. “I was the top fundraiser, which wouldn’t have happened without the support of Samuel Grant,” said Richard. Eden has now made three trips to New York for her treatment, which we’re pleased to hear is going well.  


Sam Haigh from Clingfoil and her sister Becky fundraised for Prevent Breast Cancer’s National Breast Imaging Academy Appeal, by taking part in the Great Manchester Run earlier this year. Becky was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2022 and despite a gruelling treatment that included chemotherapy and radiotherapy, she completed the 10k run, crossing the finishing line with Sam by her side. “We are so thankful for the charity donation match offered by the Samuel Grant Group as this doubled our fundraising. We managed to raise over £3,000.00 for Prevent Breast Cancer which is such an amazing charity,” said Sam. “I am beyond proud of Becky for her attitude throughout her treatment and how she has tackled all the obstacles thrown her way.” 


Darren Laidler, Senior Sales and Technical Support at Marmax, completed the Great North Run 2023, raising £270 for The Children’s Foundation, which will be matched by Samuel Grant. “This was my third Great North Run, all have been completed for The Children’s Foundation for the amazing work they do to help the well-being of children from birth to 18 years, who are classed as being the most vulnerable for whatever reason,” said Darren. “This year was especially tough due to the 25-degree heat followed by thunder and lightning, but I got there in the end despite injury hitting at the 6-mile mark.” 

Introducing… Greenstretch® an eco-friendly and more sustainable alternative to your current stretch film. 

We are excited to launch a superior 10-micron film, containing up to 30% recycled material. By using recycled plastic in production, we reduce the use of primary raw material, so the film is produced in compliance with the principles of circular economy. The carbon footprint is reduced further as the film is fully recyclable after use. 

As well as offering ecological benefits, the film has a high holding force and puncture resistance keeping the film’s stretch rate and strength at optimum levels. 

30% recycled content means there’s no plastic tax to pay, plus the option to bulk pack minimises cardboard waste and increases environmental benefits even further. 

  • Core ID                 38.1mm 
  • Core length         580mm 
  • Net weight (kg)  1.105KGS  
  • Core weight (kg) 214 grams 
  • Pack type           BOXED, 10 PER BOX 
  • Rolls per pallet   300 ROLLS 

 Download more information here Or contact us to find out more.