Since joining Samuel Grant Packaging in 2013 as a logistics apprentice, Calum Seddon has shown great enthusiasm and willingness to learn, which has led to multiple new roles and responsibilities within the business. Soon after completing his NVQ in warehouse and logistics, Calum made the step up to Assistant Buyer. 

After a year of learning the ropes in procurement, he naturally progressed into position of Buyer before finally taking up his current role as a Samson Nano Specialist. This was always something which Calum could see himself doing, and supported and guided by Managing Director, Julia, he hasn’t looked back since. 

When asked to describe his current role and his favourite parts of the job, Calum said: 

“I deal with all things Samson Nano, including placing and installing the machines. Having been in this role for just over a year, I love getting out and about and having a change of scenery every day. My favourite aspect of the job is being able to see the benefits on the customers’ end, rather than just the initial purchasing process. I always thought of Nano as a natural progression through the company and when the job came up, I just went for it!” 

The launch of our very own Samson Nano Slingshot has also played a big part in Calum’s development, with him being the very first person to be fully trained on the new machine, something which he sees as his biggest achievement to date.  

Going forward, Calum sees Samuel Grant in prime position to continue our long-standing success, with more focus being put on sustainability and closing the loop on recycling. We couldn’t finish the conversation without a mention to Julia Allen and Andrew Grant, both of whom Calum said are key drivers behind his success and thanks them for all their help along the way.

Samuel Grant Packaging celebrates 130 years of trading in 2021. If we put this into perspective given the current disaster we find ourselves in, the business has survived through:



Financial crashes




We are stronger for it.

Why does 130 years in business help our customers?

Our customers know that we are a safe bet. We’re not going anywhere. We have survived huge challenges, and helped our customers through challenging times too. From start-ups to enormous manufacturing operations, and everything in between, we are the trusted packaging partner, a constant in a crazy changing world. We pride ourselves on having the latest products, the best suppliers, the most innovation, and the most consistent levels of service.

Why does 130 years in business help our suppliers?

Occasionally suppliers have to make challenging decisions. At the time of writing for example, there is a nationwide cardboard shortage. In times of deciding where to supply a limited resource, the obvious choice falls with the companies with impeccable credit histories, timely payments, and sustained profitability. Our suppliers are assured that we can support them by paying on time, and we can support the supply chain the most effectively with their products.

Why does 130 years in business help our staff?

Despite what the world throws at us, our staff are safe. Safe in the knowledge that we will do everything we can to keep them, and their jobs secure. We exist as a company due to the skillset of our team, and their skills and experience are second to none in the packaging world. We value all our team members hugely, and they know it.

Put simply, 130 years in business creates confidence, from our customers, our staff and our suppliers. Without that confidence, we wouldn’t be here 130 years later and still going strong.

Here’s to the next 130!

We are delighted to announce that after BRC audits for our Sheffield and North East branches this week, both achieved ‘AA’ grade, the highest grade possible. 

To have achieved this during a global pandemic is testament to the hard work of all Samuel Grant staff, with both sites working especially hard to achieve the same grade 2 years running. We are so proud of every member of staff and are ever thankful for all their hard work 

Group Health & Safety Manager Lauren Davies said: It is difficult to achieve this at the best of times, maintaining such a high grade in a repeat audit gets even more difficult as both sites reached this level last year but I’m even more thrilled that we have still achieved this 8 months into a pandemic. It presents that standards within our processes and quality management system have not slipped despite the challenges we are facing. Well done and many thanks to everyone who has contributed to the audits. 

Special thanks to Sarah Clarke and Lee Grayson for being on hand all day with a constant flow of documentation yesterday and the same to Paul Henderson, Julie Dunn and Deb Alderson for today. 

Here’s to another great year! 

We are proud to announce our sister company Marmax Recycled Products have won a silver and gold award for the International CSR Excellence AwardsThese are for the recycled gameboard and for manufacturing excellence. They have also won a Green World Award for their recycled gameboard. During these unprecedented times we are excited to share this good news. 

The perspex gameboard is a great addition for picnic benches to transform the bench into an outdoor work surface, while still being able to see the bench beneath. Available in a range of designs from chess, snakes and ladders, multiplication or perspex. 

Marmax Recycled Products are one of the market leaders in the manufacturing of 100% recycled plastic furniture and playground equipment which does not rot, corrode or splinter and is guaranteed for a minimum of 25 years. Furthermore, once the product has come to the end of its life, it can be recycled back into the extrusion process and create more products for future generations. 

Our sister company cater for all sectors of industry, from schools and councils, theme parks and pubs, parish councils and hospitals to fisheries, sporting clubs and re-homing centres. Their vast range of products means they have something for everyone. 

All their products are manufactured in Stanley, County Durham, and they are able to offer a bespoke service so if there is anything that you require but cannot see it on their website, give them a call and they will be happy to help. 

Over the years, Marmax Products have won numerous awards such as the prestigious Green Apple Awards, Green World Awards and have held Green World Ambassador status for 5 consecutive years. They have also been finalists in the Plastic Industry Awards and finalists in local awards such as North East Employee of the Year Awards and Durham Environment Awards. Congratulations to all at Marmax for showing that recycled plastic products can be award winning. 

Find out more about our sister company here. 

Samuel Grant Packaging have just launched a range of PPE and social distancing products. 

New DEKRA certified KN95 face masks for personal protective equipment (PPE) use have been launched. The masks hold a CE certification and have 5-layer filter protection giving our customers peace of mind that their PPE is of the highest safety standard. The masks have a 95% filter efficiency level and are effective against particulate aerosols and free of oil. 

Samuel Grant have introduced a range of social distancing products to help keep your workplace, employees and visitors safe. 

Social distancing product ranges include: 

  • 2 metre distance tape  
  • PVC material  
  • Solvent adhesive 
  • Clear message 
  • Hazard warning tape 
  • PVC material 
  • Solvent adhesive 
  • Clear message 
  • Economy and premium 
  • One way / 2 metre distance tape 
  • 150- or 300-mm diameter 
  • Packed in 10’s  
  • Clear message 
  • Durable PP 
  • “Just sanitised’ labels 
  • 40 x 25 mm 
  • Paper – can be written on 
  • Packed 100 per roll 

Get in touch with our experts for more information on any of our product ranges. 

The Queen’s Award-winning pallet wrapping system by Samuel Grant Packaging, Samson Nano, has continued to deliver unrivalled service through the COVID-19 pandemic 

We have worked throughout the crisis and ensured that those providing supplies to the front line have been well supported, with many of our clients operating in both food and pharmaceuticals.  


As the country begins to move towards a ‘new normal’ and businesses reopen, Samson Nano clients have an added advantage of the machine being Capex free. With no outright payments or hidden costs, clients can manage their budgets more accurately and effectively and are able to account for every penny spent.  

With social distancing now part of normal business practice our Samson Nano system will not only reduce the number of employees required to wrap pallets by up to 75% but will minimise cross contamination found with multiple employees using the same hand roll. The government guidelines have seen many employees shielding up and down the country leaving companies short staffed and struggling to keep up with demand. Our Samson Nano wrappers will keep up with demand and bridge that gap.  

We understand the current uncertainty in cash flow and offer our clients full flexibility as their workforce return, with clients being able to get additional machines if, and when, needs be. 

Introducing the Samson Nano system to your business allows packaging spend to be kept low, with a price per wrapped pallet costing system, meaning clients only pay for the pallets they wrap. There are also no hidden costs of maintenance, service of repair, as we take full responsibility for this.  

To keep up with ever increasing demand, we have recruited two more engineers taking this to 10 employees committed to providing the excellence of Samson Nano service.  

Samson Nano pallet wrappers have pre-set programs tailored to suit your needs which are locked out, so you get a consistent stable wrap every time. Our high quality 33-layer stretch film is wrapped to optimal load containment tensions without causing crushing. This leads to a cost reduction in packaging purchasing, transportation and the cost of replacing damaged goods in transit, saving you time and money with added environmental benefits.  

With upcoming installs of Samson Nano this week, Samson Nano are keeping the industry moving and are ready to supply to new and existing clients. 

When moving large quantities of goods long distances, companies often look to strapping to hold them in place for the duration of the journey. This is particularly true of large loads being conveyed on flatbeds, such as timber, steel I-beams, and heavy building materials. 

With the strapping of heavy goods playing such as a big part in the transportation business, the main question that people tend to ask is; should we use Polypropylene or Steel strapping? 

The key to making such decisions is focusing on which material will be the best for your specific journey. For example, if you’re carrying your goods for a short distance, and the contents isn’t the most valuable that you’ll be delivering, then Polypropylene strapping may just get the job done. 

As with any journey, you want peace of mind that your goods will be kept in place no matter how far you’re travelling. In this situation, Polypropylene strapping may not prove to be the best option for your business as it has low retained tension, potential to split, susceptible to environmental factors, and a higher rate of failure when used on “solid” products. 

Therefore, if you plan on making long journeys with your load and can’t afford for it to get buffed or damaged, there’s only one option: and that’s Steel Strapping. Steel Strapping comes with multiple positives, including that the tension is maintained for a long period of time, meaning that you don’t have to worry about your cargo moving around in the back. Steel straps are the oldest, strongest, and highest tensile strength strapping available. It is available in a variety of widths and thicknesses, as well as variations in the grade of steel. 

The only negative we can think of for Steel Strapping is the slightly higher cost, but even then, you’re paying for quality. 

Our advisors at Samuel Grant will assess your requirements and use their years of expertise in the field to guide you into securing the best product for you, at the best price. This will give you the confidence that you’ve secured the best product for your business, and at a price that will save you money in the long run without having to worry about the costs of replacing damaged cargo. 

You can find out more about Steel Strapping from the biggest packaging suppliers in the UK here. 

Samuel Grant Packaging are delighted to announce the launch of their new Speed Boxes, brought to the market in conjunction with PackSynergy. 

The boxes are an ideal solution for e-commerce. They are quick to assemble, seal and open, reducing labour costs. They are fully customisable and can be printed on, both inside and outside. The speed boxes are available in a huge range of sizes and shapes, and feature a unique tamper-proof closing system which provides peace of mind to despatchers. 

The boxes are made from recycled materials and are 100% recyclable themselves. There is no need for any additional tape / closing, as their self-adhesive band provides all the strength of closure the boxes need. 

Faster and more efficient packing is now completely achievable. To see an example of the speed of the Speed Boxes, watch our video 

Samuel Grant Packaging, the North’s largest packaging distributor, became the UK arm of PackSynergy in 2018, a network of 17 leading European packaging materials distributors. Joining the group of equally innovative and entrepreneurial companies has given Samuel Grant Packaging the opportunity to mitigate the risk of supplier challenges that could be caused by Brexit, expand their distribution network further into Europe, increase their product range, and swap best practice with their European counterparts. 

The group meet regularly to discuss trends and innovations in the world of industrial packaging, to share their knowledge and expertise in a collaborative way. They are also able to pool their experiences in warehouse and logistics management. 

The three Rs – reduce, reuse, recycle – is a simple, yet incredibly effective strategy used in counteracting the effects on the environment that we create from energy consumption, the materials we use, and our sustainability.

At Samuel Grant Packaging we take action to help minimise our impact on the future of our planet.


Working with our clients to reduce packaging consumption, we developed the Samson Nano.

Devised specifically to work with 33 layer stretch film, the automated pallet wrapper works to set gears to be able to use and waste as little film as possible, whilst maintaining a superior wrap to minimise broken pallets and goods.

Alongside developing the Samson Nano, Samuel Grant Packaging offer packaging audits to all clients. Analysing the entire production and distribution process, we’re able to reduce the volume of packaging, as well as the amount of virgin materials used. Find out more about a packaging audit, and how we can help you, here.


Bespoke built plastic pallets ensure that our clients are involved in closing the loop in the packaging industry. Encouraging customers to reuse pallets saves on both money and waste.

As well as bespoke pallets, we have designed a multidrop plywood case which can be used by engineers of a large OEM to swap components. The outer has a multi drop capacity and the inserts, when worn, can be changed.


An important step in becoming a more environmentally friendly company is ensuring a maximum volume of recycled content within the products that we sell.

Our sister company, Marmax Recycled Products, recently celebrated saving a billion HDPE bottles from landfill by turning them into sustainable plastic furniture and outdoor goods. Find out more about Marmax Products on their website.

As well as this, when delivering a Samson Nano machine we will always remove a client’s old machine to be recycled through the Recycling Lives scheme.

To learn more about our products and services that we offer please visit our websites