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Our mission is to listen to our clients, to give them the best possible advice, and to deliver optimum packaging solutions on time every time.


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We can provide a wide product selection, working with brand leaders to offer quality and reliability all at excellent prices.

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At Samuel Grant, we look at the entire lifecycle of a product in order to determine the correct packaging solution for each stage.


We want our customers’ goods to reach their destination in perfect condition. We are committed to helping our customers choose the right packaging solutions, enabling them to use as little packaging as possible, whilst creating minimal packaging waste. We conduct free audits of clients’ full packaging processes in order to provide them with single-source optimum packaging solutions for all their needs.


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Want expert packaging advice?

Simpler Together

Simplifying complex packaging conundrums for all your packaging needs.

Greener Together

We recycle packaging into outdoor furniture with Marmax Products.

Smarter Together

By listening to our customers, we create solutions that are smarter such as the Samson Nano.

Leaner Together

We conduct a full analysis of your packaging needs to make your business leaner.

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Samuel Grant Packaging are the UK arm of PackSynergy,
a network of 17 leading European packaging materials distributors