Ahead of our

With 130 years of experience in the industry we take a consultative expert approach to your needs when faced with challenging packaging problems.

We are constantly innovating to ensure we are offering the most recent additions to the market, as well as creating our own solutions to meet problems that clients face.

Company History

Established as a school suppliers in 1891 by Samuel Grant, the great grandfather of the current Managing Directors, Samuel Grant Packaging has been at the forefront of packaging innovation for four generations


Our mission is to listen to our clients, to give them the best possible advice, and to deliver optimum packaging solutions on time every time.

History and Experience

Our history and experience coupled with excellent customer service, allows us to advise our clients on the best packaging choices.

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Passion for what we do

We are passionate about helping clients to use as little packaging as possible to get their goods to their destination in perfect condition.

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We help our clients to innovate, by listening to their packaging challenges and creating effective solutions.

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Birthplace of the Samson Nano

The stretch wrapping solution that is ...

Samuel Grant Packaging are the UK arm of PackSynergy,
a network of 17 leading European packaging materials distributors