Introducing the award-winning
Samson Nano.

The stretch wrapping
solution that is ...

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We are proud holders of a 2018 Queen’s Award for Innovation, awarded in honour of our unique Samson Nano pallet wrapping system

Samson Nano Is Greener…

Using the Samson Nano Stretch Wrapping System results in a substantial reduction in packaging waste on plastics and cardboard compared with hand wrapping and old machine technology.

Samson Nano Is Leaner…

The Samson Nano system is our responsibility, and we take ownership of ANY issue. Our machine’s performance and quality is guaranteed and all service and maintenance is included in the Samson Nano System umbrella, so there are no ‘hidden’ extra charges for service or spares.

Samson Nano Is Smarter…

The Samson Nano Stretch Wrapping System uses the latest film and stretch wrapping machine technology available in today’s market. This latest technology enables you to benefit from increased safety and speed, whilst delivering cost savings.

Samson Nano Is Safer…

The Samson Nano consistently outperforms hand wrapping and old machine technology. The system’s higher quality film has increased puncture and tear resistance which limits damage during transport, whilst maintaining exceptional high clarity for barcode scanning.

  • Solution to big or awkward pallets unsuitable for standard turntables
  • Inbuilt magic eye to determine size and shape
  • Capex free machine
  • Fixed wrapped pallet price includes maintenance, film and upkeep
  • Optimum stretched wrap ensures stability
  • Inbuilt internet-linked reporting software