To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week 2021, we took some time out to speak with Finance Apprentice, Elle Towse, to learn what she loves about completing an apprenticeship with Samuel Grant Packaging: 

Firstly, why did you choose to do your apprenticeship with Samuel Grant? 

I wanted to learn from the best and I knew Samuel Grant had won the QueenAward in 2018. Therefore, that meant I would be learning and working with experts in packaging. 

What type of apprenticeship are you doing? 

I am studying to complete my AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians). I am doing this course online with BPP, I watch pre-recorded lectures and I am provided with studying materials. 

What is the best part about being an apprentice at Samuel Grant Packaging? 

The best part about Samuel Grant is that I am always learning within the job as well as my studies therefore it puts the learning into practice. This is helped by being surrounded with people who have a lot of experience in this field, which means there is always somebody to explain more about what I may not understand. This makes the information very enjoyable to learn. 

Describe some of your day-to-day tasks: 

I have some main tasks that I complete every day, these include doing the bank statements and posting purchase invoices. However, every day is very different as I can go from reconciling the bank to writing off stock which gives me an understanding of all aspects of the business. 

What new skills have you learned during your time so far? 

I have learnt many new skills since working for Samuel Grant, these have been helpful with my course and what I am learning but also within my job in general. 

Would you recommend taking on apprentices to other businesses? 

I would recommend taking on apprentices to other businesses as you are able learn as well as help the business which then means you have more of an understanding as to why everything is done a certain way.It gives people the experience they need too.  

What did you do before your apprenticeship? 

Before starting at Samuel Grant Packaging, I studied at college doing my A-Levels. I wanted to get started on the career ladder, but I knew I still needed to study; therefore, an apprenticeship was the best option and solution for me. 

What would you say to others tempted by an apprenticeship role? 

I love being able to learn and work at the same time! It is the best decision you will make. 

For Samuel Grant Packaging it’s clear to see the great value that apprenticeships and the apprentices themselves add to our business, especially with employees as keen to learn and take advice on board as Elle. We’re all looking forward to seeing how she progresses within the role and with her apprenticeship! 

To learn more about National Apprenticeship Week and how apprentices can aid your business, visit the website.