Samuel Grant Packaging celebrates 130 years of trading in 2021. If we put this into perspective given the current disaster we find ourselves in, the business has survived through:



Financial crashes




We are stronger for it.

Why does 130 years in business help our customers?

Our customers know that we are a safe bet. We’re not going anywhere. We have survived huge challenges, and helped our customers through challenging times too. From start-ups to enormous manufacturing operations, and everything in between, we are the trusted packaging partner, a constant in a crazy changing world. We pride ourselves on having the latest products, the best suppliers, the most innovation, and the most consistent levels of service.

Why does 130 years in business help our suppliers?

Occasionally suppliers have to make challenging decisions. At the time of writing for example, there is a nationwide cardboard shortage. In times of deciding where to supply a limited resource, the obvious choice falls with the companies with impeccable credit histories, timely payments, and sustained profitability. Our suppliers are assured that we can support them by paying on time, and we can support the supply chain the most effectively with their products.

Why does 130 years in business help our staff?

Despite what the world throws at us, our staff are safe. Safe in the knowledge that we will do everything we can to keep them, and their jobs secure. We exist as a company due to the skillset of our team, and their skills and experience are second to none in the packaging world. We value all our team members hugely, and they know it.

Put simply, 130 years in business creates confidence, from our customers, our staff and our suppliers. Without that confidence, we wouldn’t be here 130 years later and still going strong.

Here’s to the next 130!