Michael started his journey with Samuel Grant 11 years ago as a Coordinator after working in construction and realising it just wasn’t for him. Through hard work and eagerness to gain knowledge in this new industry his role has since developed to Internal Sales Office Supervisor, which he sees as one of his biggest achievements so far.  

Through the support of everyone around him, Michael has progressed massively during his time at Samuel Grant and has attained a great amount of knowledge in an industry he originally knew very little about.  

When we asked Michael what his favourite things about working at Samuel Grant are, here is what he had to say: 

“I love the diversity of what we get involved with, we work with many industries from heavy industries to home furnishings. It’s great to create different solutions for our customers which keeps me very interested.”   

When talking about the future of Samuel Grant and of packaging as a whole, Michael said: 

“I can’t wait to carry on being part of a team that continues to innovate. Everyone wants to go greener at the minute with their packaging. This is something we are going to continue to focus on so we can find solutions for our customers and concentrate on taking new environmentally aware products to market. At Samuel Grant we have the experience and resources to achieve this ahead of our competition.”  

Lastly, Michael would encourage anyone considering a role in packaging to go for it because of how interesting it can be. It provides a challenge and a variety of things to do day in, day out – “it isn’t repetitive at all!” 

As a long-standing member of Samuel Grant Packaging, Lee is a true asset to the team. Starting his journey with 10 years at Centre Pack, which was eventually taken over by Samuel Grant, Lee has now been part of the team for just over 9 years.

He has gone from working in the warehouse, to Assistant Buyer and now to his current role as Buyer through hard work, support and training, picking up a CIPS Level 3 and Advanced along the way.

With a wealth of knowledge behind him, we asked how he sees the future of both the company and the packaging industry:

“I can only see Samuel Grant getting bigger and better as we introduce new products and continue to employ experts in every field. Having such a strong team allows you to pick up the phone or have a meeting with others who are experts on products you may not be familiar with, so that collaboratively you can come up with solutions. It helps us keep the company growing and moving forward.

Packaging is going to be very interesting over the next few years with more Eco products and the introduction of the plastic tax. We already have plans in place to make sure that we come out stronger than we were before.”

Lee would advise anyone wanting to start a career in packaging to listen, learn and take on board what people say as there is a lot of product knowledge to learn, but it’s very interesting! Lastly, he offered a special mention to Paul Henderson who was responsible for his training and showing him all he knows to date. Julia Allen also played a key part in building his confidence and encouraging him to believe in his own ability. We are privileged to have such an enthusiastic member on board.