We caught up with Calum to hear about his career so far: 

I went for my interview to join the Grants on my 18th Birthday! A lot of my friends went to uni and I didn’t want to. I started with Samuel Grant Group in 2013 as an Apprentice Logistics Planner working in the warehouse in Leeds. I passed my NVQ in warehouse and logistics, and became an Assistant Buyer. I completed my CIPS Level 3 which allowed me to become a buyer and then moved into Samson Nano in 2020 just before covid.  

The move to the new role involved a huge amount of on the job training with Julia Davis (Samson Pallet Stability MD) finding best ways to secure pallets  with our machines and film. I was involved from the start of launching Samson Nano Slingshot, our horizontal pallet stability testing table, and getting it up and running into the lab it is today.  

I’ve been fortunate to attend lots of exhibitions including PPMA and Intralogistex meeting potential customers . I spend a lot of my time visiting customers to offer continual customer service support. This support focus is either on wrapping and functionality of our machines, or looking after machine and price-per-pallet pricing.  

There’s been a huge shift since I started working in the sector towards increased sustainability within the sector. The introduction of the plastic tax in 2022 meant we had to learn a lot more about the performance of recycled materials in the pallet stability process. Our machinery has continued to develop, with new technologies and software developments in line with client requirements. We never stand still! The focus has also increased on health and safety in pallet stability. The Samson Nano Slingshot is a big part of what I do since I was with it since ‘birth’.  

I’m always surprised at the level of detail required in the supply chain and how much there is to talk about. The passion that some people have for pallet wrapping is hugely surprising but once you’re involved in this world you can see why. We pride ourselves on honesty and I’m always shocked to find that we’re competing against machine sellers who give spurious claims. It’s hard to believe how much misinformation there is in the market. I also remain surprised how many manufacturers just sell a machine and then walk away without caring what happens to it. 

My biggest achievement must be passing the EUMOS exam in 2023, to become one of the UK’s only qualified experts in cargo securing and transport packaging.  

I also jointly developed Samson Nano Live, our new customer integrated internet-linked reporting portal for Samson Nano machines, with Jae (R&D Manager). This launched in Sept 2023 at PPMA exhibition. I was heavily involved in designing the dedicated customer wrapping portal, which delivers valuable operational data in real time. 

I have been recognised as a rising star in my company through my hardwork and passion for my role. I know I am an integral part of the success of the business, and not just a number. Regular two way feedback and communication is important, to make sure young talent knows the direction of the business and can be instrumental in help achieve this. I know my opinion matters and if I spot an improvement, it’s implemented. 

Everything we do is adding on to what  a logistics chain needs. We’re not only working within our own industry but also seeing different companies and learning about what they’re doing. Lots of different sectors and lots of different problems to solve, from abattoirs to engine casting. No two days are the same, I never get bored. I’ve seen so much of the UK since starting this job – we’re in different places every day, out meeting people, finding out about them and their  businesses.