Marmax Products Ltd. has supplied a range of modern picnic benches and seats to Birmingham-based Cadbury World, allowing the leisure attraction to replace all of its outdated outdoor wooden furniture.
The recycled plastic furniture, including 50 heavy duty extended top picnic benches and 30 Bournville seats, is now in use throughout the picnic and outdoor activity areas at Cadbury World.

With an extra-long table top, the picnic benches are wheelchair accessible and large enough to seat six adults. Meanwhile, the Bournville seats provide comfort for visitors and compliment the picnic benches perfectly.

Cadbury World made the decision to replace its wooden outdoor furniture due to the high level of upkeep it required. Each year the furniture either had to be moved indoors, to prevent it rotting over winter, or be regularly treated with a woodstain product.

As the new furniture is manufactured using 100% recycled plastic, it is completely maintenance-free. This means that Cadbury World can leave it outdoors all year round without worrying about weather damage. In addition, the recycled furniture is vandalproof, easy to clean and free from splinters.

Manufactured from waste HDPE, the new furniture is also ecologically friendly. In total the 50 benches and 30 seats have saved the equivalent of 214,500 two-pint milk containers from landfill.

Commenting on the new furniture, Tim Gimbert Cadbury World’s Operations Manager said: “We’re delighted with the new seats and benches. Not only do they look great but being maintenance-free, they will also save us time and money. We’re so pleased with the results that we’re looking at how we can use Marmax’s recycled furniture in other areas of the site.”