To continually improve Samson Nano and enhance its data capture, Jae Cooper (previously Engineering Supervisor) has been developing new software, applying skills learned through his HND and recent Siemens PLC courses. This has been instrumental in the launch of Samson Nano Live 

Having a dedicated full-time engineer has allowed us to identify where changes were needed, implement advancements, and deliver even more for the customer. To build on this success, Jae’s role will now solely focus on R&D, continuous improvement processes and technology breakthroughs for Samson Nano. 

During Jae’s secondment to R&D, Callum Hill (previously Engineering Team Leader) has stepped up and provided cover for Jae’s supervisor role. He has shown incredible leadership skills and risen to every challenge. Moving forward, Jae Cooper is now R&D Engineering Manager and Callum Hill Engineering Supervisor.  

Both will report to Duncan Cummins who heads up our Engineering Team, and both will be working with our team of engineers and Samson Nano Admin, implementing the changes and improvements in the field, and in the office.   

Congratulations to Jae and Callum, we look forward to building on their previous success and achievements and adding value to our brand. For more information visit Samson Pallet Stability here