Corner crushing. A term in the packaging industry that literally means what it says on the tin – corners, getting crushed. The term may sound simple, but it’s an issue that is very common in the industry amongst small and large businesses, with a solution that may not be so straightforward.

Commonly, when a pallet falls over, an operator will automatically begin to increase the pallet wrapping tension in order to fix the issue. A tighter wrap means a more stable load, thereby less wasted product… right?

Not necessarily. Increasing wrapping tension can increase load stability, but can also lead to crushed goods, and corner crushing. This can result in damaged goods, damaged boxes, and loss of brand reputation when customers receive untidy looking product. There are then the costs of reworking the goods, returning the product, and even potentially losing the customer if bad quality is repeated.

The solution? Samson Nano allows operators to achieve optimal load containment tensions without causing crush.

The semi automatic system has the added safety functionality which means that pre-set gears cannot be bypassed, so all loads are wrapped safely to a superior quality, with ideal load containment requirements every time. The real-time report allow you to track stretch film usage and cycle time, which allows us to invoice to a price per wrapped pallet.

With Samson Nano, our expert packaging advisors can work with your business to find the ideal pre-set gears to ensure your products are wrapped to a high standard and avoid corner crushing issues. Get in touch with our experts to find out more.