Gary Hepworth is Samuel Grant’s Strapping and Tool Advisor. In this role, one of his main responsibilities is to advise others on strapping and with the knowledge he has gained, he does this expertly! 

From joining the business in 2010 as a Warehouse Operative he has had various roles and responsibilities. After just 6 months from starting Julia asked him to run a trade counter at Sheffield after recognising he would do a great job. When a full-time position came up in Sales Julia put him forward and gave him a lot of backing and support to progress in this department rather than just the warehouse itself. 

Gary shows a vast amount of motivation, and after Samuel Grant were just starting to venture into the steel and strapping business after acquiring Centerpac he asked if he could be Russ’s coordinator so that he could pick up a larger amount of knowledge.  This is something that Gary sees as one of his biggest achievements so far.  

We asked Gary what his favourite things about working at Samuel Grant are: 

“It’s got a great family attitude and everyone can get on with one another. Everyone is willing to help each other whether it’s a big or small task and there is no awkwardness when it comes to speaking to anybody in the company. There is no one that you can’t talk to!” 

When it comes to the future of Samuel Grant and how Gary sees himself in the business going forward Gary said: 

“I am very happy where I am, there is always going to be more knowledge for me to learn from Russ which I pick up as I go along but I am definitely happy where I am now.  

In regards to the future of Samuel Grant and of packaging as a whole, our success of the Samson Nano machines is foremost. From the strapping division I think that we are one of the most competitive out there. We are definitely one of the major players when it comes to strapping, we have the stock, we have the reserves, so we can supply.” 

Gary would recommend anyone considering a role in packaging to go for it! Especially for a family company such as Samuel Grant.