After realising a life in telesales wasn’t for him, Jae Cooper joined Samuel Grant Packaging as a level 3 Apprentice and hasn’t looked back since. Setting out for a more challenging and less repetitive role, Jae spent the first 18 months of his career learning on the job and visiting clients with our engineers, before being promoted to a leadership role. After just four more months, Jae was recognised as a highly motivating and engaging team leader and so was promoted to Maintenance Engineer Supervisor.

When asked what his new role consists of, Jae said:

“I look after most things on the maintenance side of the business. My main activities include managing and motivating the team, as well as ordering parts and making sure that we keep on top of all of our services.”

Next up for Jae is completing his Level 4 qualification, which focuses on delving into technical computer programming. From there, he hopes to be able to re-write the programmes which are currently used at Samuel Grant, creating a more streamlined and efficient process for all employees.

Jae is a shining example of what hard work and a willingness to learn can achieve, and after two and a half years with Samuel Grant, he’s mapped out exactly which direction he sees the packaging industry, and Samuel Grant, going in.

“There are a lot of places as a business that we’re yet to break in to, and with the technology we have, I definitely think it’s achievable. For the packaging industry, I can see more powerful machines being invented which bring down prices and make the supply to our customers easier and more efficient”.

Finally, Jae encouraged anyone who is thinking about a career in packaging to go for it, stating that it’ll take you up and down the country and ‘it never gets boring’, you heard it here first!