Julie has been working at Samuel Grant for seven years. With a combination of motivation and hard work she has progressed through various roles and is now Warehouse Manager. Performing a variety of responsibilities, Julie spends most of her days at Samuel Grant managing goods inwards, loading the lorries each evening and making sure that the orders get out on time. 

We asked Julie what her key achievements are so far whilst at Samuel Grant? 

“I have worked really hard to get to where I am, from starting as a Warehouse Operative,  being promoted to Assistant Manager and now being the Warehouse Manager is a great achievement.  This job has allowed me to keep very organised so that I can do the best job that I possibly can.” 

Julie’s favourite thing about working at Samuel Grant is the team: 

“It’s a great atmosphere to work in and everyone gets on with one another!” 

We asked Julie what she saw as the future of the business? 

“In regards to the plan and the future of Samuel Grant and packaging as a whole I would hope that we are able to expand or get a bigger warehouse as we are getting busier and busier. I can see a huge difference from when I started to now with a larger amount of staff working here and many more orders being sent out. This industry is going up and up, we are increasing our amount of lorries and we are continuing to get bigger! With Samson Nano machines bringing in a massive amount of business, I definitely see them continuing as the way forward.” 

Finally, Julie would tell anyone who is considering a career in packaging to go ahead and do it. It’s a growing industry, there are definitely many opportunities to step up the career ladder if you work hard.