The BBC has reported this week on the UK’s national cardboard shortage, caused primarily by the enormous increase in online deliveries during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We’re not going to say it hasn’t been a challenge, it has, but Samuel Grant have risen to the occasion, and have continued to supply all of our customers with a reliable source of quality cardboard through this difficult time, as we always do. 

At Samuel Grant Packaging we have the sleepless nights so our customers don’t have to, and in times like this, it’s more important than ever that we deliver our quality products, on time every time, without the national shortfall in cardboard box supply affecting our clients’ businesses. 

There is a lot of competition in the marketplace, but with 130 years’ experience of supply and demand, we are market-leading packaging merchants by staying ahead of market trends. We use our buying power and reputation to ensure that we mitigate against any challenges, so our customers can run their businesses effectively. That’s why our customers continue to use our support and expertise to get their goods to their destination in perfect condition, and have done for four generations. 

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