The Queen’s Award-winning pallet wrapping system by Samuel Grant Packaging, Samson Nano, has continued to deliver unrivalled service through the COVID-19 pandemic 

We have worked throughout the crisis and ensured that those providing supplies to the front line have been well supported, with many of our clients operating in both food and pharmaceuticals.  


As the country begins to move towards a ‘new normal’ and businesses reopen, Samson Nano clients have an added advantage of the machine being Capex free. With no outright payments or hidden costs, clients can manage their budgets more accurately and effectively and are able to account for every penny spent.  

With social distancing now part of normal business practice our Samson Nano system will not only reduce the number of employees required to wrap pallets by up to 75% but will minimise cross contamination found with multiple employees using the same hand roll. The government guidelines have seen many employees shielding up and down the country leaving companies short staffed and struggling to keep up with demand. Our Samson Nano wrappers will keep up with demand and bridge that gap.  

We understand the current uncertainty in cash flow and offer our clients full flexibility as their workforce return, with clients being able to get additional machines if, and when, needs be. 

Introducing the Samson Nano system to your business allows packaging spend to be kept low, with a price per wrapped pallet costing system, meaning clients only pay for the pallets they wrap. There are also no hidden costs of maintenance, service of repair, as we take full responsibility for this.  

To keep up with ever increasing demand, we have recruited two more engineers taking this to 10 employees committed to providing the excellence of Samson Nano service.  

Samson Nano pallet wrappers have pre-set programs tailored to suit your needs which are locked out, so you get a consistent stable wrap every time. Our high quality 33-layer stretch film is wrapped to optimal load containment tensions without causing crushing. This leads to a cost reduction in packaging purchasing, transportation and the cost of replacing damaged goods in transit, saving you time and money with added environmental benefits.  

With upcoming installs of Samson Nano this week, Samson Nano are keeping the industry moving and are ready to supply to new and existing clients.