Samuel Grant Packaging has signed a consultancy agreement with Climate Partner to offset the business’ carbon emissions.

In line with the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, Climate Partner will now work with Samuel Grant to identify opportunities to reduce their carbon footprint. The consultancy firm works based on two main principles:

– To measure emissions from all business activity, including travel and energy consumption

– To identify opportunities to offset these emissions, for example, investing in afforestation or sustainable development projects in underprivileged countries.

What this means for Samuel Grant Packaging

Under Climate Partner guidance, companies can market themselves as “carbon neutral”, “carbon neutral products” or “carbon neutral packaging”. Each of these follows a strict set of guidelines based on business activity.

For example, to be fully “carbon neutral”, a company must balance all direct emissions, energy consumption and “indirect emissions”, such as business travel. Carbon neutral products are assessed for their emissions from raw materials through to the end-user, while carbon neutral packaging offsets emissions from production, transportation and disposal.

Samuel Grant Packaging will take guidance from Climate Partner on how to offset emissions within its warehouse and distribution facilities.

New initiatives

Samuel Grant Packaging will provide Climate Partner will full access to analytics tools, examining energy consumption and individual products. Climate Partner will use this information to calculate “Product Carbon Footprints” as guided by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Product Life Cycle Accounting and Reporting Standard (GHG Protocol).

In tandem, Climate Partner will examine Samuel Grant Packaging’s “Corporate Carbon Footprint” – which covers all emissions arising from company decisions.

How we’re assuring our customers

Working with Climate Partner allows Samuel Grant Packaging to third-party and assurance and certification. This guarantees full transparency around climate protection, as certified by TÜV Austria.

Samuel Grant Packaging is committed to balancing carbon emissions, first and foremost by reducing consumption in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and second, by investing in carbon offsetting projects.

By working with Climate Partner, we are committing to projects such as:

1. Solar power installation projects in Namibia

2. Forest protection schemes in Brazil

3. Clean water campaigns in Uganda.

The move comes as part of a wider initiative for the entire Samuel Grant Group, including a product focus for our Marmax Products brand.

Find out more about Samuel Grant’s environmental policies here.