This is a 150K/t single wall cardboard box that was damaged in transit. Does it need to be upgraded? In isolation – yes – that is one way to fix the problem.

Increasing the specification of every box that goes through a factory can be very expensive.

A better solution is to look more closely at the packaging life cycle of the product from factory to point of use.

Samuel Grant group’s team of highly trained packaging consultants will help the customer find best practice to get the goods to the end user with the minimum effective packaging required.

And what happened in the example above?

We identified that the boxes were regularly getting damaged because the pallets were falling over in transit.

The problem was a badly maintained old stretch wrapping machine that was applying a large weight of stretchfilm but with low tension and no pre-stretch.

We installed one of our Samson Nano stretch wrap machines, continue to apply with low tension but used high power pre stretch and a much improved wrapping pattern.

The result – less stretch film used to wrap the pallet – much better containment of the load, and now the pallets don’t fall over. This has allowed the customer to begin trials using a 125K/t box to save even more.

Many companies are too busy to research the life cycle of their packaging. Samuel Grant conduct an in depth analysis of all packaging processes, and always find some room for improvement. We listen, advise, and deliver optimum packaging solutions on time every time.