“29 tonnes of CO2 saved in only 11 months!”


Darren Millerchip, Compliance Manager at Braiform, was kind enough to share with us some of his thoughts about their installation and subsequent use of the Samson Nano pallet wrapping system.

Prior to the installation of the Samson Nano, Braiform were using an older wrapping machine. Seeking a more cost effective, higher performing machine with less wastage potential, Braiform had the Samson Nano installed.

Since using the Samson Nano, the team at Braiform have reduced the amount of wrap they are using by 4.8 tonnes over 11 months. The reduction in wrap used hasn’t affected the security and safety of the stock on the pallets, which is the key thing for cost effectiveness for the business.

The warehouse staff have found the machine extremely easy to operate. The programming for the Samson Nano has been easy to learn and simple to implement. Braiform decided on a low-profile machine, and have noticed significant benefits from the concept, especially from being able to place the pallet on, and remove it, from any direction, which has led to a smoother transition to and from the machine.

The inbuilt reporting software, unique to the Samson Nano, allows the company to continually improve on the wrap use – the machine’s statistics are key to analysing their use and spot any room for improvement.

Not only have the financial savings impressed the team at Braiform, but the reduction in the company’s environmental impact is clear to see as well. We estimate, that since the installation of the Samson Nano 11 months ago, the company has saved almost 29 tonnes of C02, based on the emissions created by their previous amount of film used. This is not taking into account any additional transportation and disposal impact of the previous solution.

In addition, the reliability of the machine has had a hugely positive impact. The ongoing maintenance support and customer service from Grant’s has been hugely reassuring. Coupled with how user-friendly the machine has been, there’s no looking back from the Samson Nano.

We asked Darren how the support has been from Samuel Grant Packaging, led by his Key Account Manager, Phil Merrifield:

“The support has been outstanding from the whole team from set up to installation and the training given at the start. The team worked with us to ensure we got the maximum benefit from the machine and the programming was set to ensure we always maintained the maximum efficient use from the machine. The service support is excellent and very quick response times to any issue is very impressive. It’s nice to have the peace of mind that critical equipment is covered by an excellent support team”