“Samuel Grant’s approach to market is different”
– John M, Operations Director


“I first met the Samuel Grant team at the PPMA exhibition in Birmingham about 5-6 years ago. I was looking at the wrappers from the aisle thinking it would be nice to have one but knowing the cost was just too prohibitive for a small company like ours, when one of the team caught my eye and asked if I was interested in wrapping machines. My response was, “yes but you wouldn’t be interested in us”, to which the reply was “you might be surprised!” I was and the rest as they say is history, soon after this chance meeting the wrapper was installed and has been going strong since.

Samuel Grant’s approach to market is different, we don’t own the wrapper, we don’t pay for consumables, we pay for pallets wrapped on a sliding scale, the more we wrap the cheaper the pallet rate is. When costing it up I took into account our labour aspect for wrapping pallets and the fact that we were putting cling wrap around the pallet by hand rather than securing the goods to the pallet.

On installation, the Samuel Grant team work with you and the different types of product you have to palletise and set bespoke programmes into the wrapper for you so all you need to do is select the wrap programme for the products being wrapped. The wrapper does the rest and the finished wrap is tidy and far more secure than we ever achieved by hand.

The wrapper communicates with head office, number of wraps breakages etc. and they often identify irregularities before you realise it on site. You can receive daily wrap reports so you know exactly what has been done each day and what programmes have been used.

If it wasn’t for Samuel Grant’s business model we wouldn’t have a wrapper. Have we seen benefits? Most definitely. Has the ongoing cost proved prohibitive? No, the cost implications to the average number of pallets we wrap is fair. Would we recommend Samuel Grant Packaging? Absolutely and we have done on a number of occasions.”